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Greg Hill


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.1 Australia License.


Sidebar Comments and Hearsay

Skill Level

You must be comfortable with setting up a blog and editing your Blogger template.


Takes a live feed of your blog's comments and presents them in your sidebar in real-time. It displays the author, time since posting, title of the originating post, a link to the orginating post and an excerpt of the most recent comments. Upon clicking, the excerpt expands to display the full comment. The size of the excerpt and number of comments displayed are configurable. The comments are loaded asynchronously to avoid delay in loading the page.


  1. Create a comment feed for your blog with the Comment Feed Using Another Blog method.
  2. Insert the code into your Blogger template, per the instructions.
  3. Add CSS styling as required.
  4. Re-publish your blog.

Sites Using This Hack

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