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Required Skills

You should be comfortable making edits of your Blogger template. An understanding of Blogger's post template feature would be helpful, since this hack requires the insertion of a line of code into each post that you wish to categorise.


Adds categories to your Blogger blog. You insert a category label on each post that you publish (this can be visible to your readers or invisible). David's server keeps a record of these, and feeds the data back into an ajax sidebar menu that displays a list of categories, and a list of post titles within a category once a category is selected.


There are three template edits required. Add a specified line of code to each post, perhaps by adding it to the Blogger post template. Add a special DIV tag to your blog sidebar to locate the category menu, and finally add the specified code to call the script just before the closing body tag.

Sites Using This Hack

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Extensions / Alternates

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